Vault Doors

Hamilton's Vault Doors deliver maximum security with architectural appeal. Available in UL-Listed Class 1, 2 & 3 ratings, Hamilton's door is tough, reliable and loaded with many feature to meet your needs.

Standard Features for the door include:
•  Low maintenance stainless steel construction
•  One UL-Listed three movement – 144 hour resettable Timelock
•  Heat dissipating locking bar that runs the full height of the door
•  Standard door is 36" W x 79" H. If you need a custom size, please just ask!

•  Emergency Release Mechanism...Life Safety feature
•  Emergency Ventilator
•  Heat sensor and door contact with terminal strip connection
•  Framed smoked acrylic daygate included with vault door
•  Right or left swing door

NOW using 4 Wheel Combination Lock 

UL Group 1, EN1300C, VdS Class 3 
•  Die-cast bolt and drop lever
•  Standard footprint
•  One hundred million possible combinations
•  Integrated re-locker, bolt blocking in case of manipulation
•  Bolts available in standard 0.5" (12.7mm) and extended 1.50" (38.1mm) lengths
•  Drilled and tapped bolts available US (10-32) and Metric (4mm)
•  Mounting RH, LH, VU or VD   

 Downloadable PDFs: 

Hyde Park Vault Door