Transaction Drawers

Hamilton's transaction drawers and windows offer everything you need to make your drive-up operations safe, secure and efficient.

Models 400DD & DCD-18

Hamilton's Transaction Drawers provide the perfect combination of ease-of-use with maximum secured protection. Two available models, the standard 400DD and the oversized DCD-18 (chicken drawer) each are UL Level 3 rated and constructed of rugged, maintenance free stainless steel.

Two unique features to Hamilton drawers include our patented suspension-free design which virtually eliminates mechanical maintenance problems common with other transaction drawers. Also, the 400DD and DCD-18 provide the operator access to the drawer at the edge of the counter. There's no reaching or straining to place or remove the contents within the drawer.

Both models also include:
  • Easy push button electric operation with manual override
  • Drawer is sealed to outside air entering the building
  • Drawer extension adjusts to various curb widths
  • Audio system included
  • Great for both new installations and replacements
The Hamilton Secure Large Commercial Drawer Manual

The Hamilton SLCD-MAN is designed specifically to optimize operations with maximal use of space inside the pharmacy, capacity to fit the majority of large prescription containers, ease of servicing and customer convenience while ensuring maximum security. The drawer and window are designed to be used together but can also be installed separately to replace existing equipment in both drive-thru and walk-up applications.

Drawer Features Include:

  • Drawer Size: 6"h x 7"d x 15"w
  • Stainless steel exterior finish, interior available in stainless steel, color matched steel or laminated wood to match the interior of the pharmacy
  • Manual design provides easy option for technicians
  • The drawer extends on a rotating arm which gets rotated back if hit by a car, virtually eliminating the risk of  replacing drawers that have been knocked out of alignment
  • Drawer can accommodate various curb widths and car placements by stopping wherever needed 
  • Sealed to outside air entering the building even when the drawer is  extended to the customer


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