Information Processing System (IPS) Containers are designed for the closed-door operation of your communications computer equipment. Entrusted with military and commercial use, these industry-leading safes  work with laptops, desktops, Mac or PCs, servers, and a variety of switches and crypto equipment.

IPS Standard Features 

  • Fans located in the top of the cabinet to evacuate the interior air
  • Cable entry box has six (6) 1/2" diameter hole openings to accommodate the power and signal input cables into all containers
  • Black cable box has two (2) 1/2" diameter hole openings for power and signal cables
  • Custom sizes and/or interiors are available to meet your specific equipment applications
  • Lock Options include: Securam SR2-7, Securam SR22-7, Kaba Group 2M, & S&G 6730

IPS Options

  • Standard sizes are 19" & 24" vertical rack mounts

  • IPS Filters which are not included
  • Fixed or sliding shelving available not included 

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