Pharmacy Audio/Video Solutions

Make your drive-thru a personal experience! The Hamilton Pharmacy Audio and Video offerings are designed with the highest clarity to make the drive-thru experience personal and easy as possible, for both customer and pharmacist.
Hamilton's Pharmacy Audio/Video Offerings for drive-thru and walk-up applications.
  • Drawer Size: 6"h x 9.5"d x 13"w

  • Stainless steel exterior finish, interior available in stainless steel, color matched steel or laminated wood to match the interior of the pharmacy

  • Manual design provides easy option for technicians

  • The drawer extends on a rotating arm which gets rotated back if hit by a car, virtually eliminating the risk of replacing drawers that have been knocked out of alignment

  • Drawer can accommodate various curb widths and car placements by stopping wherever needed

  • Sealed to outside air entering the building even when the drawer is extended to the customer

Indoor Dual Lane Pharmacist Unit

In addition to the single lane unit, includes dual audio handsets, clearly marked in different colors to indicate lane thus ensuring the communication is to the right patient

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