Entrance Security Vestibule

Hamilton's Entrance System Vestibule provides a tough first line of defense in preventing fire-arms from entering your building, school or university. The unit incorporates key features such as metal detection, motion sensors and door locking controls with warning alerts to help prevent takeover robberies.

Stainless Steel construction with bullet resistive glass, a multi-functional operator console and an optional video surveillance package adds to the overall security. Our unit is ADA Compliant and designated by the Homeland Security Act.

Standard units are available, but if your building entrance needs a unique solution, let us help you design and build a custom ECS cabin.

Functionality - How it works:

Like a screening device at the airport, our Vestibule is designed to prevent someone from bringing a firearm or other potentially dangerous weapon into the building. This provides a greater level of security and comfort for both customers and employees.

Basic Steps to Follow to Enter the Building:
Only one person at a time can enter the vestibule. You must then let the door behind you fully close. (Parent with child can enter together, but they must go through the cabin and detector together)
•  Walk through the scanner and if no large mass of metal is detected, the inner door will automatically unlock and allow you to enter into the building.
•  If the scanner detects something, the inner door will not unlock and a sound to notify the customer service representative (CSR) inside the building. The CSR will assist you via the vestibule intercom.

Common Questions & Answers:

Q. Why has the system been installed?
A. To give customers and employees a higher level of physical security.

Q. Will my cell phone or keys set off an alarm?
A. No alarm will sound, and it normally takes more metal than keys or a cell phone to prevent entry into the building. Items such as steel-toed boots, large belt buckles, and metal eyeglass cases may prevent entry. If this happens, an employee will ask you to empty your pockets on the provided shelf, much like normal airport procedures.

Q. Can medical implants such as a hip replacement restrict entry?
A. Medical implants have not caused problems in the past.

Q. Will this device affect pregnant women or people with pacemakers?
A. No

Q. Will the system cause delays?
A. Not once everyone has become accustomed to the system.

Q. Is it possible to get trapped inside the Vestibule?
A. No. Entry may be restricted if the scanner detects something, but you can always turnaround and exit the vestibule.

Q. What if I have a small child with me?
A. There's no need to be separated. The system will allow a small child and an adult to enter at the same time.

Q. Upon exiting the building, does the first exit door have to close before the outside exit door opens?
A. Yes

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