Cash Deposit

From front-office, under-the-counter units to back-office note counters, each solution is designed to improve cash management and optimize the cash-handling process.

Front-office Cash Deposit Solutions
  • Gunnebo SecureCash Lite: An entry level cash-handling solution for single-note deposits.
  • Gunnebo SecureCash Pro: A smart deposit and secure cash processing solution perfectly designed for small retail outlets.
  • Gunnebo SecureCash Deluxe/Deluxe Plus: Secure, automated deposit smart safes, offering one or two cash acceptors for counting, securing and managing bundles of cash in a single transaction.
Back-office Cash Deposit Solutions
  • Deposit D51/D52: High-capacity cash deposit system with bunch feed capabilities for improved total cash management and same-day credit.
  • Deposit D180/D300: High-speed note or note and coin processing for counting, validation and reconciliation, real-time monitoring of cash levels, and same-day credit.

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  Gunnebo SecureCash Pro                                   Gunnebo SecureCash Deluxe/Deluxe Plus              




  Gunnebo Deposit D51/52                                       Gunnebo Deposit D180/D300