Hamilton Security Launches New UVC Light Kit and Antimicrobial Carrier for Drive-Through Banking

Hamilton Security Launches New UVC Light Kit and Antimicrobial Carrier for Drive-Through Banking

New Infection Prevention Solutions Help Financial Institutions Reduce the Risk and Spread of COVID-19 During the Pandemic

CINCINNATI, OH (August 20, 2020) – Hamilton Security, a Gunnebo company and leading manufacturer and provider of security solutions, today announced a new Ultraviolet-C light kit and antimicrobial carrier as part of its infection prevention solutions that will help financial institutions protect employees, customers and assets amid the COVID-19 crisis. The UVC light kit and antimicrobial carrier provide a quick disinfection process between customer transactions  at bank and credit union drive-throughs, reducing the risk of the coronavirus spreading to customers and employees.

“As a trusted security provider in the industry, Hamilton has been working with banks and credit unions globally to deliver security enhancements to their infrastructure in response to the pandemic,” said John Stroia, president of Hamilton Security. “Our new universal antimicrobial carrier and UVC light kit for Hamilton’s XLR system are an effective way these institutions can help reduce the transmission of any bacteria or virus at the drive-through. They add yet another layer of protection to keep customers and employees safe while utilizing drive-up services.”

Hamilton’s new UVC light kit and antimicrobial carrier  facilitate the safe exchange of cash and physical goods by reducing the spread of germs and other pathogens. The UVC light technology combined with the antimicrobial agents in the cylinders offer a complete UVC drive-up solution for banking infection prevention needs:

  • Ultraviolet C Light technology integrated into the pneumatic tube system kills disease-causing microorganisms by disrupting their DNA. The UVC light reduces the transmission of bacteria, viruses and other pathogens at drive-throughs, keeping tellers and customers safe during the automated transfer of cash and documents.

  • Antimicrobial agents added to the polyamine resin of the pneumatic tube canister control the growth of bacteria, including E. coli, staphylococcus, fungus and algae. The universal antimicrobial carrier lowers the risk of spreading germs to people sending or receiving cash and goods through a pneumatic tube system.

The UVC light kit can be selected for retrofit within existing Hamilton HA-1000 XLRs as well as a complete solution for new installation. The antimicrobial carrier is available in standard and custom sizes to fit virtually any existing pneumatic tube system. 

The infection prevention solutions complement Hamilton’s existing drive-up and walk-up solutions that are helping customers maintain social distancing and a safer workplace across branches, stores, and facilities with interdepartmental logistics operations such as municipal buildings, casinos, medical dispensaries, pharmacies, hospitals, manufacturing plants, warehouses and distribution centers.

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