Our New Brand Marquee

For Immediate Release
September 14, 2023

Beginning September 14th, 2023, Hamilton Security and Gunnebo Safe Storage are building a stronger union as the Hamilton brand identity evolves to Hamilton by Gunnebo.

The alliance between Hamilton Security and Gunnebo Safe Storage is significant because it represents a closer union between two leading brands in the security industry. The partnership will drive game-changing innovation and improved sustainability credentials by leveraging Gunnebo's global awareness and Hamilton Security's powerful local reputation. These benefits will enable Hamilton by Gunnebo to offer its customers even more advanced security solutions, enhancing their safety and peace of mind.

Additionally, the partnership will enable Hamilton by Gunnebo to expand its reach and better serve its customers worldwide. With Gunnebo's support, Hamilton by Gunnebo will be able to penetrate new markets and provide its customers with even more reliable and effective security solutions. This will help to further establish Hamilton by Gunnebo as a trusted leader in the security industry and provide customers with the highest level of security and protection possible.