Pharmacy Safe

The Hamilton award winning Pharmacy Safe is designed to fit underneath any standard height pharmacy counter, allowing it to easily replace a set of drawers or an empty space in existing fixtures.

  • Half inch formed steel door, recessed to prevent prying
  • Dead Man Angle preventing door from being removed by knocking hinges off
  • Heavy-duty welded hinges
  • 11 Gauge solid steel body with reinforced frame including 1 inch walls in the front to obstruct attack
  • Flexible interior with standard offering of six removable drawers, also available with dividers and shelves
  • 34" of safe on top of a 4" base, bolted to the floor
  • Heavy-duty textured finish paint
  • Standard colors are white, grey, and black but can be customized for a color match
  • Comes standard with SecuRam ProLogic L22 with time/date audit capability built into the lock screen
  • UL Listed
  • 2 manager codes and 28 user codes
  • 5,000+ openings on 9-volt battery, which sends out a signal well before it needs to be replaced
  • Time delay functionality 1-99 minutes, programmable opening window 1-15 minutes, time delay override
 Pharmacy Safe Brochure