Gunnebo and CFM Partner to Drive Credit Union Growth with Core-Integrated Cash Recycling Solution

Intelligent Teller Cash Recycler Helps Credit Unions Improve Efficiency, Increase Security and Drive Service Excellence in Branch Operations 

CINCINNATI, OH (August 23, 2017) – Gunnebo US, a sales company of The Gunnebo Group and leading provider of cash management solutions that improve business efficiency, increase security and drive cash flow today announced a partnership with CFM to bring a core-integrated cash recycler to credit unions nationwide. The tight, seamless integration of Gunnebo's teller cash recycling technology to main core teller systems of financial institutions will enable credit unions to expand and deliver world-class services, while driving security, process improvements and cost efficiencies across branch operations.

“We’re very excited to partner with CFM, a well-known expert in core-integrated technologies for financial institutions,” said Carlos Massa, Gunnebo Vice President of Cash Management. “Together, we are leveraging the experience of two industry leaders to deliver best-in-class cash recycling technology to growing credit unions. Using our CFM-certified recycler, credit unions will be able to improve operational efficiencies, while freeing up associates to build stronger member relationships, cross-sell services, and handle more complex member needs.”

Gunnebo’s Teller Cash Recycler is a full-service automated note recycling solution designed to provide fast, secure and reliable frontline processing of cash transactions. Using the system, credit unions can automatically register, count, deposit, store and dispense cash on demand, enabling staff to handle cash less and engage customers more. With the core-integration from CFM, the cash recycler will be fully deployable within existing teller S4-integrated software platforms, making it a smart, cost-effective investment for credit unions large and small.

“As a company who is constantly looking for ways to help credit unions thrive and grow, CFM is thrilled to join forces with Gunnebo to deliver an outstanding cash recycling solution,” said Nathan Moore, Chief Disruption Officer at CFM. “The Teller Cash Recycler, with robust hardware features and CFM’s industry-leading core-integrated S4 platform, delivers extended benefits of a truly collaborative, high-performing cash automation solution. Through this core connection, credit unions will be able to use the recycler’s capabilities right from the get go, eliminating the complex and costly software programming tasks often associated with on-site integrations.” Gunnebo Showcases Intelligent Note and Coin Recycler at NRF Protect.

Demonstrations of Cash Recycler at Symitar Educational Conference & TechConnect

Gunnebo and CFM will be showcasing the Teller Cash Recycler at the Symitar Educational Conference & TechConnect in San Diego, August 28-31, 2017. Live demonstrations of the new technology will be held in Gunnebo’s Booth #124 for attendees to experience cash recycling excellence first hand. 

With worldwide headquarters in Gothenburg, Sweden, Gunnebo has sales companies in 32 countries across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia-Pacific, and the Americas. Gunnebo is listed on the Swedish Stock Exchange. To learn more about Gunnebo US, visit 

About CFM

Innovations aren't innovative unless they solve a problem or need. For CFM, revolutionizing an industry started with the simple principal of helping financial institutions transform the banking experience through core integrated technology. Offering the only zero-footprint integration solution in the industry, CFM drives the future of banking with solutions for universally driving cash automation hardware, integrated self-service options, enabling Universal Associates, and providing business intelligence tools for cash automation optimization. CFM is headquartered in Chandler, AZ and is a strategic partner of DBSI (, a branch transformation strategist. To learn more, visit 


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