Founded in 1967 in Cincinnati and part of global security provider Gunnebo Group, Hamilton is one of the largest manufacturers of physical security products, pneumatic tube systems and audio/video systems in the United States. Based in Montgomery, OH, Hamilton operates three different facilities throughout the Cincinnati metro area consisting of more than 200,000 square feet of manufacturing space.

Hamilton markets its products through a network of authorized dealers. Coverage by the dealer network includes all 50 states, with 75 channel partners in over 200 cities. Our dealers are local independent business owners and security professionals with their homes, hearts and businesses invested in their own respective communities. 

The pharmacy industry is a primary focus for Hamilton and our Pharmacy Solutions are specifically designed to protect pharmacies' most vulnerable points and to make operations efficient and productive. Our solutions can be customized in our own factories to fit any layout/size pharmacy, and our dealers are able to service your products anywhere in the country.